Sugar Land City Councilman to be deposed in Sex Harassment Case

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Prime Communications, LP and Polaris-PC Management, LP have been sued in the United States District Court in Houston for Sex Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, and Retaliation by a former Lease Manager who had stellar reviews and multiple awards from the company. The case is gearing up for depositions this week.

The case alleges that Trevor Weerasinghe, Aslam Jiwani, and Nashaud Kermally (a Sugarland City Council Member) discriminated against their former employee on the basis of her sex and subjected her to a hostile work environment.

The lawsuit complaint alleges the following: (1) Trevor Weerasinghe made a comment about the employee and her husband being together sexually by putting his finger into the hole of his other hand that was in a fist, thereby illustrating a penetrating action with his finger into his fist; (2) Aslam Jiwani told the employee to keep her “hoo-hah” shut. “This was extremely offensive and inappropriate because the term ‘hoo-hah’ is a derogatory slang term meaning vagina; and (3) Naushad Kermally, the Sugar Land City Council Member asked the female employee and her husband a number of inappropriate questions (at the company Christmas party) such as ‘Where’s the craziest place you ever had sex?’, ‘Which friend of your spouse would you most like to see in a bikini?’, ‘If your spouse were a sex animal what kind of sex animal would they be?’, and ‘What is your favorite body part of your spouse and why?’”.

The employee complained to Human Resources and this caused the company to retaliate against her, and eventually they fired her, claiming she had performance issues, according to the lawsuit.

She now seeks back pay, future pay, and compensatory damages in the lawsuit. Trial is expected to take place in October 2022.

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