Over 30 Years of High-Quality,
Cost-Effective Legal Representation

Over 30 Years of High-Quality, Cost-Effective Legal Representation

Employees Deserve Better Than Workplace Discrimination

Do you suspect that discrimination played a prominent role in your working conditions, eligibility for a promotion or negative outcome such as wrongful termination? Did a discriminatory atmosphere at your workplace contribute to a hostile work environment?

With offices in Texas and Florida, Coane and Associates, PLLC, is the skilled law firm that shows sensitivity to your plight and explores every avenue for just solutions. Our nationwide reputation was built on a tradition of high-quality, cost-effective representation, keen client focus, comprehensive knowledge of employment law and attentive personal service that makes you feel special.

Over 30 Years Of Experience Helping People Just Like You

Bruce A. Coane’s 30-plus years of experience with a broad range of employment law issues can make a positive difference for your legal claims. Our full-service Texas and Florida law offices protect the rights of employees who have been targets of discrimination on the job, on the basis of:

If no one has listened as carefully as they should to your account of examples of discrimination you felt — we intend to. We review your claim and thoroughly prepare your case for filing at the EEOC or in court. We excel at negotiating favorable outcomes and safeguarding employee/client interests in court if necessary.

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It is crucial to work with experienced workplace discrimination lawyers. With three decades of experience and a thorough knowledge of employment law, we are the advocates whom you need. We offer 24/7 availability by email.

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