Busy Week for Immigration News

bacpostjuneWhile my staff and I have been hard at work helping individuals and companies to solve their immigration issues this week, there have been many stories about immigration in the news.The top story this week was the Supreme Court's decision to set aside part of the injunction that stopped the travel ban ordered by the president.The government acted quickly and the travel ban is now back in effect.  As a result, individuals from six mostly-Muslim countries, are prohibited from entering the United States. The one exception carved out by the court is for individuals with "a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States."  While that seems simple enough, in the opinion of this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer,  the Supreme Court muddled that exception by saying "a close familial relationship is required." That opened the door for Homeland Security to exclude most family members as not being "close" enough.In other immigration news, the government continues to give a hard time to immigrant investors who start a business or are part of a group investment that hires at least ten USA workers. These immigrants have invested either $500,000 or $1million, and are often challenged by the government as not fully meeting all the other parts of the complex regulations. The new thing for the government is to deny the green card application (or its renewal), and then put these million-dollar-job-creating immigrants into deportation proceedings. This week, one of my lawyer friends won such a case in deportation court in Los Angeles. I encourage all investors to fight to keep their green cards and their American business.In today's newspaper, I saw a story that the government is now going to target parents who paid a smuggler to bring their children to the U.S.  I've met many of these parents and they are generally very unsophisticated and certainly have no criminal intent. In fact, there is a waiver in the law for parents who smuggle their own children. As of today, the government has not said what law will allow them to prosecute these parents.This week also saw the release of a new green card form (I-485 for adjustment of status) that now contains 42 pages of instructions and 18 pages of complicated questions. For those who felt they could do the forms by themselves, this new form and its instructions will certainly make applicants think twice about self-representation before Homeland Security.On the positive side of immigration news, the government continues to approve work visas, green cards, self-petitions for highly skilled and accomplished individuals, investor visas, etc. and this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer enjoys opening "most" mail that I receive from the immigration office each week.For questions or further information, I may be reached at [email protected], or 713.850.0066 and 305.538.6800.

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