Over 30 Years of High-Quality,
Cost-Effective Legal Representation

Over 30 Years of High-Quality, Cost-Effective Legal Representation

Fighting Back Against Race Discrimination At Work

Employees should never have to tolerate race discrimination, that is, being fired, harassed or bullied at work because of your race. To ensure that your rights are protected when these kinds of legal issues arise, you should speak with the experienced employment law attorneys at Coane and Associates, PLLC, serving employee clients in Texas, Florida and across the United States.

When you put Bruce A. Coane’s 30-plus years of experience on your side, you benefit from our skilled legal team’s commitment to solutions for your on-the-job problems. We listen closely as you describe how you have been treated, and then we explain the law and the legal remedies available. If an agreement that is favorable to you cannot be reached, we are fully prepared to aggressively seek a just outcome at the EEOC or in court.

Protect Your Rights: End Your Racial Discrimination

Are you being subjected to workplace harassment such as race discrimination or unwanted remarks of a racial nature? Were you denied compensation you were entitled to, or wrongfully terminated when you reported an illegal act that transpired at your workplace? Are workers of other races treated better than you in the workplace?

The federal race discrimination laws protect everyone in the workplace, regardless of race. These laws prevent people from being denied jobs because of race, being fired because of race, or being bullied or subjected to harassment because of race.

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