Fox News Anchor and other Exciting Developments at Coane and Associates

FOXnewsIt's been another very busy week at our law firm. First, on Thursday, I had the honor of meeting Gretchen Carlson, former news anchor at Fox News. This is a picture of me with Gretchen Carlson. She came to speak at our National Employment Lawyers Association annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Some may recall that she was the victim of sex harassment, and of course, our law firm handles cases like that on a very regular basis. Because of an arrangement I made with her today, this Houston employment lawyer and Miami employment lawyer will be giving Ms. Carlson's book about sex harassment to each client who comes to see us for a sex harassment consultation. Her book will be released in October of this year.Also this week, I spoke at the Texas Employment Lawyers Association conference on the matter of Settlement of Employment Discrimination cases. My law firm has achieved over $10 million in settlements for our clients, and I shared my views about settlements with my colleagues from across the State of Texas.With regard to our employment discrimination cases in litigation, we spent significant time working on our clients' two cases against Wells Fargo. In one of those cases where my client is claiming she was fired for discriminatory reasons, the bank has sued her back. That's right, Wells Fargo Bank, of all companies, had the gall to sue an employee who has a lawsuit pending against them for discrimination. Could this be a signal to others who sue the popular target that they better think twice, lest Wells Fargo sue them back? Now my poor client who was fired by Wells Fargo, must defend herself against their counterclaim lawsuit.In our other client's case, we scheduled depositions this week, for July, in a case where my client says Wells Fargo fired her due to her medical condition.  Of course, the bank denies that, and claims they had valid reasons for firing my client. We'll see how their defenses hold up under the scrutiny of depositions.On the immigration side of our law practice, we were hired on a couple of new immigration EB-1 extraordinary worker cases this week. In both cases, the client has an L-1A working visa and they desire to establish roots in America. Unfortunately, their employer won't sponsor them for a green card, so this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer, is helping them to get a green card through the self-sponsored EB-1 extraordinary worker process. One of my favorite parts of this visa is that we often get the case approved in less than 15 days, and the actual green card approved and received in less than 6 months. It is truly an amazing way to get a green card and requires no college degree and no sponsoring employer.Also this week, two of our clients with cases in immigration court got a reprieve from a trial date for June and the other for July. Surprisingly, the Houston judge in their cases suddenly resigned her job. So, with no immigration judge to hear their deportation trial, it will be reassigned and probably allow them to stay another year or two or three before facing trial. This is huge for them because they both had very weak political asylum cases.Additionally, in our case against Hobby Lobby, we had a mediation, but the case failed to settle. So, that case where our client states he complained about his boss Glenn Lucadou discriminating against female employees, and then was retaliated against and fired, will be heading for a jury trial in a Houston courtroom.Finally, this Houston employment lawyer is excited about our client's deposition next week in his case against Baylor College of Medicine. In that case, it is alleged that his supervisor was hanging up on job reference calls and otherwise implying our client did a bad job. This was rubbing salt in the wounds of our client after Dr. Robert Bryan Jr. fired our client. The lawsuit claims that our client was fired because of his medical condition in violation of the Americans with Disabilities  Act.For further information, I may be reached at 713.850.0066 or 305.538.6800, or by email at [email protected]

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