Self-sponsored Green Cards, Especially for L-1 Visa Holders

usicscoaneI meet with many potential clients who are on an L-1A or L-1B visa and want to get a green card. Sometimes, however, their employer will not sponsor them for a green card. This is especially true if they work for a giant multi-national company. In such cases, I often will suggest the EB-1 extraordinary worker green card, which does not require employer sponsorship.To qualify, an individual needs to have some superb accomplishments in their work history, and have a few people willing to write a reference letter talking about their accomplishments. They do not need a letter from their employer. We simply need to show, among other things, that the person played a critical role for a business with a distinguished reputation. Plus, if the person had original business-related contributions of major significance in the field, this too, is compelling evidence.So, workers who are employed or were employed by a large company, will often easily meet the requirement of a company with a distinguished reputation. Moreover, if they were part of a team, they likely will meet the requirement of original business-related contributions.There is the FAQ about whether this work needs to have been done in the U.S., and the answer is, "no." In fact, the applicant is not required to have ever been in the U.S. So, no USA experience is required.This category of immigration allows for a green card for any worker, anywhere in the world, who has worked at a large company, or has created his own company with success, or has been part of a team at a company, as long as they meet the regulatory requirements to be considered extraordinary in their field.For further information, this Houston immigration lawyer and Miami immigration lawyer can be contacted at 713.850.0066, 305.538.6800 or [email protected]


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