Protecting Your Rights In Immigration Courts Throughout The United States, From Our Offices in Texas And Florida

Are you fighting deportation from the United States?

Are you seeking asylum in the U.S. to escape the tyranny in your home country?

Are you determined to correct a previous trial outcome that you consider unjust?

Coane and Associates, PLLC, immigration attorneys provide high-quality, cost-effective defense representation for immigration clients fighting deportation from the U.S., pursuing asylum status or initiating an appeal of a previous outcome.

When Experience Counts In Immigration Court

For 30+ years, Bruce A. Coane's contributions to clients' lives as an immigration lawyer have been overwhelmingly positive. He and his dedicated associates and support staff listen carefully to your wishes and goals. With offices in Texas and Florida, they respond with realistic assessments of your case and prepare it thoroughly. Our law firm knows how to be your strong voice in court. When we go before a judge, on your behalf, we explore every avenue to help you achieve your objective. Mr. Coane is a Board Certified expert in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has over 30 years of immigration court experience.

Contact us. Coane and Associates, PLLC, immigration court lawyers offer 24/7 availability by email. In Texas, the number to call is 713-850-0066. Our Florida office number is 305-538-6800.

For the convenience of our immigration court clients, our staff speaks Chinese, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Korean and Russian.