EEOC Charges Against LNR Property LLC Go to Investigative Unit

After a failed mediation at the EEOC, our client's charges of race and national origin discrimination against LNR Property LLC, of Miami Beach, are being returned to the EEOC's investigative unit. The charges were filed in April 2012, after our client was fired. Our client was at the firm for over 10 years. He is a US citizen, born in Haiti. He says that he was the only black person in his department and one of the few non-Hispanics. He says that most of his Hispanic co-workers spoke in Spanish (which he could not understand) and constantly piled work on him, while they took constant breaks and often sat around with nothing to do. The EEOC will investigate these charges to determine if LNR has violated the law. If the EEOC determines that LNR has violated the law, they may seek conciliation or the EEOC could file a lawsuit. Alternatively, the EEOC can issue a Right to Sue letter, allowing our client to pursue the matter directly in Federal court.__________________________________________________________________________________________________About the author: Bruce Coane is an attorney who specializes in labor and employment law and immigration law, with offices in Florida and Texas. He may be reached at [email protected], 713-850-0066 or 305-538-6800.


I worked at LNR and everything "Peter" says is absolutely not true.. He was the actual slacker and the one who took constant breaks. He doesn't have a case. Everything he "was not doing" is carefully documented and HR was involved. HR was not "Hispanic". I wish they would call me to testify

He was working in the company for 10 years but just he noticed he was discriminated when was fired. He is complaining not understand Spanish. This lack of skills can not be imputed to the company as well as does the fact that Hispanics speak in their own language between them. Is well known how hard workers are the most of Hispanic people, so it is hard to believe they delegated their responsibilities on Peter shoulders. Those allegation sound funny to me.

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