Green Card Seized at Airport

Our client's green card was seized by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after she tried to re-enter the USA after a short trip abroad.The DHS now has most USA criminal records in the database at the airports. They even have criminal records from certain foreign countries, like Canada, etc.If the DHS believes the crime could make the person subject to deportation, they often seize the green card at the airport. Such a person, like our client, is then left with no proof of legal status.In our client's case, we tried unsuccessfully to get the green card returned, and finally, today, the DHS office in New Orleans, stamped her passport with proof of legal status.Obtaining that stamp was no simple task because it requires the filing of form I-90, which is normally used to replace a lost or stolen passport. In this case it was neither lost nor stolen, and it took great effort to get DHS to accept the form. And, without proof that the form was filed, DHS was refusing to stamp the passport with proof of green card status. Now that she has proof again, our client can travel abroad, renew her driver's license, and work legally.


mr coane, how often does this happen? can DHS take away your passport on suspicion of being a terrorist or illegal alien, without any cause or does that become a criminal matter?

DHS can pretty-much do whatever they want at the port of entry (airport), including taking your passport, green card, etc. Of course, you can "challenge" that through the court system.

Doesn't that become a crime, then? And what is the statute of limitation for challenging the system?

hi my passport has been kept by dhs. im anf1 student and i lost my status due to missing a lot of classes, so dhs came to my house took me to detention center. I was off within couple hours on bond of $1200, but the kept my passport. I have a court date at the end of July. So in this case my ID has expired, Is there any system to renew it.

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