Victims Of Workplace Sexual Harassment Need Help — And Coane And Associates, PLLC, Provides It

One of our national workforce's most precious employee rights is the right to perform duties on the job without the threat of sexual harassment.

If you feel that you have been the target of sexual harassment from an employer, supervisor or co-worker, and that this mistreatment has led to a hostile work environment at your office or workplace, you need skilled lawyers on your side, whose belief in your rights can send the strongest of messages.

At Coane and Associates, PLLC, with law offices in Houston and Miami Beach, we have the employment law attorneys who will work hard to obtain justice for you, put this controversy behind you and return your life to normal. Bruce A. Coane's 30+ years of experience with successfully handling legal issues just like yours, combined with an equally committed Texas and Florida legal team, can be instrumental in safeguarding your interests in the workplace.

When Experience Counts For Your Workplace Sexual Harassment Case, Speak With A Coane And Associates, PLLC, Employment Law Attorney

We listen to you, even when no one else will. We don't have legal assistants screen your case. When you come to see us, you will meet with a highly skilled lawyer. We investigate your claim and confront your employer with the facts of your case. If negotiations toward a favorable settlement are unproductive, we will not hesitate to provide a strong voice for your objectives before the EEOC, and if need be, before a judge and jury.

Along the way, we want to be a source of strength and confidence for you. We offer realistic assessments, honest answers to every question and words of comfort when you are concerned. We seek solutions and closure for you, in ways that give you confidence about the future.

Did you complain about sexual harassment, only to be wrongfully terminated or retaliated against? Contact us. Our law firm offers 24/7 availability by email. In Houston or Texas statewide, the number to call is 713-850-0066. Our Florida office number is 305-538-6800.