Attentive, Aggressive Legal Representation For Victims Of Age Discrimination In The Workplace

The jobs, careers and legal rights of our nation's aging population are in trouble in the workplace, due to growing reports of age discrimination by employers.

If you are a "baby boomer" who has been "put out to pasture" despite ongoing positive contributions to the business you work for — and your hard work has been responded to with blatant discrimination regarding promotions and demotions, downsizing or disciplinary measures, reassignment or reduction of a workforce, training or transfer, verbal abuse or wrongful termination after many years of service — we are here for you.

We are the skilled, compassionate employment law attorneys of Coane and Associates, PLLC, with offices in Houston and Miami Beach.

There are many reasons for our law firm's sterling statewide and national reputation for results in employment law cases in general, and discrimination cases in particular: our founder Bruce A. Coane's 30+ years of experience, utmost sensitivity to our clients' situations, advocacy for their interests, research into their claims, productive negotiations with employers' counsel and aggressive litigation against them in court, when appropriate.

While dispensing these high-quality, cost-effective legal services, we provide responsive personal service during every phase of an age discrimination case. We listen to you, learn from you and act swiftly on what we learn, to your benefit, start to finish.

When Experience Counts, The Law Firm That Protects Your Rights In The Workplace Is Coane And Associates, PLLC, In Texas And Florida

Has your employer reacted negatively to your maturity? Are you being pressured into retirement? Do you lead the list of layoff candidates at your business because of your seniority? Are you being told that you are too slow or no longer have the necessary skills to do the job?

If so, we urge you to contact us. Coane and Associates, PLLC, age discrimination lawyers offer 24/7 availability by email. To arrange an appointment in Houston or Texas, the number to call is 713-850-0066. Our Florida office number is 305-538-6800.